Lane Booking Rules & Information

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, you must book a time slot in a lane so that we don’t have too many members at the club at any one time. It also helps us keep a record of attendance in case of emergency/outbreak.

The indoor range now consists of three lanes (bosses 1, 3 and 5) enabling shooting at 20 yards or 18 metres. Time slots are for 1 hour duration.

The outdoor range will consist of 4 lanes.

In order to get the club open we have implemented a simple booking system using Google Sheets.

The following rules for the booking system apply:

  • You will need to have a Google account in order to access the booking system. If you don’t have one, simply follow the instructions here to help you create one. If you don’t want a Google account you can ask another club member to make your booking for you.
  • You must book a time slot in a lane before arriving at the Club. If you do not book a lane, then unfortunately you CANNOT shoot.
  • A lane can be booked for a single archer or a maximum of two archers from the same household/bubble.
  • Initially we would ask you to only make 1 advance booking per week to allow other members the opportunity to shoot. The cut-off time for bookings is two hours prior to the first slot on each day.
  • Do not edit anyone else’s bookings. Your access will get revoked.
  • If you cannot access the booking system for whatever reason, or if problems arise with the booking system then unfortunately you cannot shoot.
  • If you have any concerns about your safety and welfare, or that of others, with these rules or whilst at the Club, please get in touch here.

Before Booking

  • As mentioned above, you must have a google account in order to use the booking system. If you don’t have a google account, follow the instructions below to get one. If you already have a google account, skip to the next step.

To create a Google Account

Click here to go to the Google Account signup page (opens in new window).

Enter your name.

Click Use my current email address instead.

Enter your current email address (the email address that you want to use if you have more than one).

Enter and confirm a suitable password of your choice.

Click Next.

Verify your email address with the code sent to you by Google.

Click Verify.

  • With your google account setup, send an email to so that we can add your google account email address to the booking system. This will also act as your acceptance of the regulations currently in place.
  • Once we have registered you on the system you will be able to log in and make your first booking.
  • Follow the instructions below to make your first booking.

A Video Tour of Making a Booking

Making a Booking

Once you have been registered you can log in to the booking system by clicking here or on the button below.

You should now be looking at the Bromyard Bowmen Lane Booking spreadsheet in Google Sheets, similar to that shown in the following example:

To resize the spreadsheet to better fit your device, use the Zoom selection circled in red. (If using the Google Sheets app on a tablet or mobile device, you can pinch to zoom in or out.)

Two weeks are available for booking, displayed in the worksheet tabs at the bottom. Select the tab for the date you require.

The dates and sessions are listed down the left hand side, the bosses are shown across the top. Decide on a day, time and boss for your booking and enter your name in the corresponding cell, but only if it is empty!

When you press enter, the background of the cell containing your name will turn grey to confirm it is booked as shown in the example below.

Please be aware that when viewing the booking sheet, you may need to scroll right to book an outdoor lane.

Please note that if two archers from the same household/bubble will be shooting you should enter both their names into the cell. This is to ensure compliance with insurance and in case of emergency/outbreak. (When entering multiple names the box will accept as much text as you need and will wrap the text to fit inside the box.)

If you are making a booking for a Junior Member, then please also include the name of the parent/guardian who will be present for the sesssion.

To close the spreadsheet, simple close the browser window or navigate away from the page.