252 Challenge Award Scheme

Bromyard Bowmen is pleased to offer members the chance to take part in the 252 Challenge Award Scheme. Archers must shoot 3 dozen arrows and try to score at least 252 points.  The rules of the scheme are set out in the list below.

Existing members can view the current standings here.

252 Challenge Rules

  • Archery GB Rules of Shooting apply
  • The arrows shot for the award MUST be at the start of a shooting session. Shooting “to practice” before a 252 score is NOT permitted.
  • Three dozen (36) arrows are to be shot at the specified distance using a 122cm target face and Archery GB five zone scoring will apply. The three dozen arrows may be shot alone or as the first three dozen of a longer imperial round.
  • Six sighter arrows are permitted which will not count towards the final score.
  • There is no restriction on the order of distances shot. You can shoot 50 yards one day and 30 yards the next but only 1 distance can be shot per day.
  • It is the responsibility of the archer concerned to submit any scores to the Club Chairman.
  • To claim a score, the archer must use a 252 score sheet, available in the shooting hall, and have the round properly witnessed.
  • The claim should be submitted to the Club Chairman for verification and recording.
  • Please ensure the archer’s full name is present on result sheets.
  • Claims for competition shoots where the score sheet is not available will be permitted, provided an official from the shoot concerned is prepared to verify the result (i.e. signed and dated own score sheet, or some other signed and dated document).
  • These scores do not count towards a handicap or classification. They are shot for fun and for experience in shooting at different distances.
  • The tables below show the scores that have to be reached using either Recurve, Compound, Longbow or Barebow at a given distance. Scores have to be adjusted for bow type to give an even challenge to all disciplines.

252 Challenge Award Scheme Targets


252 Challenge – Member Standings

Anya CapelRecurve11/07/17
Carolyn WarrenCompound15/05/1311/04/1321/05/1325/06/1316/05/1314/07/13
Chris ClaypoleRecurve11/04/1324/04/13
Dan O'ConnorRecurve19/06/1805/07/18
Don ParryRecurve25/05/17
Gill ClaypoleRecurve15/05/1311/04/1317/07/1623/05/15
Hilary HiggottRecurve15/05/1311/04/1302/05/1314/05/14
Hilary HiggottLongbow24/10/18
Ian StoreyRecurve07/08/1525/06/1509/06/1511/06/1504/06/1507/06/15
Jolie TanRecurve25/05/17
Ken WillcocksRecurve25/05/1824/07/18
Kevin LovellRecurve11/07/1705/09/1725/05/1821/08/18
Mandy BungeyRecurve15/04/1321/05/1313/08/13
Mike DaviesRecurve13/08/1721/06/18
Neil WhiteCompound25/05/18
Robin BungeyRecurve18/04/1311/04/1311/07/1301/08/1311/08/13
Theresa GibbonsCompound30/03/1731/08/1722/05/18
TJ GibbonsRecurve11/07/17
Vicky JenkinsCompound11/07/1319/05/1306/06/13