Gents Barebow Club Records

Here are the club records for gents barebow by age group.

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Senior Gents Barebow Club Records

Bray ISam To24215/11/2021
Bray IISteve Baggs20904/09/2022
HerefordSteve Baggs69613/08/2023
PortsmouthSteve Baggs53528/06/2022
StaffordSam To57410/01/2022
VegasSteve Baggs38413/09/2022
Vegas 300Steve Baggs23326/10/2021
WA 18mSam To49123/01/2022
WA 25mSteve Baggs48404/10/2021
WA 70mSteve Baggs30530/07/2023
WorcesterSteve Baggs25318/11/2023

Junior Gents U18 Barebow Club Records

PortsmouthKyle Barton30311/12/2022
WorcesterKyle Barton6920/11/2022

Junior Gents U12 Barebow Club Records

Metric 122-30Haydn Davies17010/06/2018
PortsmouthHaydn Davies17529/04/2018
Short Metric VHaydn Davies21820/05/2018
WA 18mHaydn Davies4529/07/2018
WorcesterHaydn Davies5811/03/2018

- updated 1st January 2024 -