Gents Longbow Club Records

Here are the club records for gents longbow by age group.

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Senior Gents Longbow Club Records

AmericanEddy Payne47719/06/2013
Bray IChris Claypole18312/04/2017
Bray IIChris Claypole16621/12/2022
HerefordEddy Payne36509/09/2012
Long Metric IEddy Payne20827/06/2012
Long Metric GentsColin Smith6813/10/2013
Long NationalEddy Payne22927/05/2015
Long WesternEddy Payne19720/06/2012
NationalEddy Payne33012/06/2013
New NationalEddy Payne11410/09/2014
New WesternEddy Payne7024/06/2012
PortsmouthColin Smith49623/03/2014
Short MetricEddy Payne27216/04/2014
StaffordColin Smith46030/11/2014
St GeorgeColin Smith24815/06/2014
WA 18mColin Smith41816/02/2014
WA 18m TripleColin Smith27101/03/2015
WA 25mColin Smith42230/03/2014
WA 50mColin Smith18329/06/2014
WA 70mEddy Payne21117/07/2013
WA 900Colin Smith50117/05/2015
WA 1440Colin Smith47712/10/2014
WarwickEddy Payne19215/04/2015
WesternColin Smith40308/05/2016
WindsorEddy Payne54514/06/2015
WorcesterColin Smith21227/03/2014
YorkEddy Payne19614/07/2013

Junior Gents U14 Longbow Club Records

WorcesterCaeden Claypole4912/03/2020

Junior Gents U12 Longbow Club Records

PortsmouthCaeden Claypole24322/08/2019
WorcesterCaeden Claypole3918/11/2018

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