Ladies Barebow Club Records

Here are the club records for ladies barebow by age group.

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Senior Ladies Barebow Club Records

Bray ICarolyn Warren15928/03/2018
HerefordGill Claypole24711/08/2019
Long Metric IIIGill Claypole27810/04/2022
Long NationalGill Claypole17307/08/2019
NationalGill Claypole28922/08/2018
PortsmouthJane Daggers49804/12/2023
StaffordGill Claypole29410/04/2019
WarwickVicky Jenkins13513/07/2017
WA 18mGill Claypole29813/01/2018
WA 25mVicky Jenkins38714/02/2018
WA 70mGill Claypole23728/08/2018
WA 900Gill Claypole30415/05/2019
WindsorGill Claypole30307/07/2019
WorcesterJane Daggers19219/11/2023

Junior Ladies U16 Barebow Club Records

PortsmouthMya Preece31729/11/2016

- updated 1st January 2024 -