Protocols for the Resumption of Indoor Shooting 


Following a virtual meeting of the club committee it has been decided to resume indoor shooting in line with recent Government Guidance under a set of clearly defined rules.

This document lays out the procedures to be followed by Bromyard club members who wish to shoot indoors at the Bromyard Bowmen Archery Club, Bromyard Sports Foundation ground.

These procedures should be read in conjunction with Archery GB’s Guidance Notes for Archers “Returning to Archery Phase 2 – Restricted Shooting. Version 2.0 issued 23rd July 2020”.


  • There will be the opportunity for club members to shoot indoors on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 18:30 hrs and on Sunday afternoons from 14:00 hrs.
  • Members are able to pre-book a 1hr slot at 18:30 hrs and 19:50 hrs weekdays and 14:00 hrs and 15:20 hrs on Sundays. Members will not be permitted to shoot unless they have pre-booked.
  • Archers (and guardians) should not attempt to enter the hall any earlier than 10 minutes before the start of their session.
  • Only two family groups will be allowed to book per session unless the range captain is part of a shooting family group.  (A family group consists of a maximum of two with at least one being a parent or guardian who is over 18 if the other is a junior. The parent or guardian still needs to enter their name in the online booking system even if they are not shooting.)
  • Only one junior family group will be allowed to book per session unless the range captain is part of a shooting family group.  (A junior family group consists of two shooting juniors plus one parent or guardian. The parent or guardian still needs to enter their name in the online booking system. They cannot shoot unless they book a slot on another boss.)
  • Bosses 1, 3 and 5 will be available to shoot at 20 yards or 18 metres.
  • A 2m distance will be maintained at all times between archers from different households.
  • All archers must wear face coverings when entering/leaving the clubhouse and when setting up/taking down equipment. Face coverings can be removed only when shooting.
  • Hands should be sanitised when entering the clubhouse (sanitiser will be available).
  • Tables will be assigned for setup and take down of equipment.
  • To limit any transmission of the virus, archers will be expected to turn-up, shoot and go home.
  • Archers are expected to sanitise all equipment that does not belong to them that they have been in contact with.
  • A nominated range captain will be present at all times unless there are no booked slots for that session.
  • The range captain is responsible for ensuring that no more than six people are present in the hall at any one time.
  • There will be no access to the stores. Toilet facilities are available only in an emergency.

1. Booking a shooting slot.

a. The range will be open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 18:30 hrs and Sundays from 14:00 hrs. Shooting slots can be booked via the Bromyard Bowmen website (link opens in new tab).

b. Only full or associate members of Bromyard Bowmen will be allowed to shoot.

c. There will be 3 targets available enabling shooting at 20 yards and 18 metres. The time slots are 1 hour in duration.

 Monday, Tuesday and ThursdaySunday
Session 118:30 - 19:3014:00 - 15:00
Session 219:50 - 20:5015:20 - 16:20

 Mon, Tues and ThursSun
Session 118:30 - 19:3014:00 - 15:00
Session 219:50 - 20:5015:20 - 16:20

d. Until we have an idea of the attendance at the various times please in the first instance book only one slot in a week. The cut-off time for booking a slot is two hours prior to the first session on each day. Please do NOT try to book spaces within two hours of the club opening as they will not be accepted.

2. Shooting procedures.

a. Archers are encouraged to bring their equipment set up or partially set up to the range in a safe manner. Please ensure you turn up ready to shoot at the allotted time and be prepared to pack up and leave as soon as you have finished shooting.

b. There will not be any ad-hoc shooting. If you do not have a booked slot you will not be allowed to shoot.

c. Please use only the target you have booked. Another target may appear to be free but it may have been booked and the archer is late.

d. Archers are to use their own equipment or equipment provided by the club on a long term basis. Archers must not share equipment.

e. Please bring with you any hand sanitisers, face covering, gloves, wipes etc for your own personal use.

f. Target faces will be provided by the club and the archer should write their name on it and take it home with them after they have finished shooting and bring it with them for their next session. Four ‘pinch-pull’ target pins will also be provided for exclusive use by the archer.

g. There will be a maximum of two archers per boss from the same household/bubble.

h. One single face target to be used per boss. Family groups of two may use an additional three spot face or two three spot faces placed side by side to avoid damage to arrows.

i. Family groups of more than two must book additional bosses.

j. Shooting will be single detail only due to the limited time slots.

k. There will be a range captain present to manage the range at all times i.e. they will not be available for coaching or equipment setup/repair duties although they may shoot.

3. Collecting arrows and stowing equipment

a. For family groups, the two archers can collect between ends but only one archer should pull arrows.

b. There is a 20 minute period at the end of each shooting session to allow for the changeover of archers.

c. Archers should limit shooting to 3 arrows at a time. Please be considerate to other archers given the time limited slots.

d. The central/shared club bow stand must not be used. Archers may use their own bow stands on the assigned table.

e. Bows and equipment should be stored on the assigned table when not shooting.

4. Facilities.

a. No refreshments will be available and the Rugby clubhouse and toilet facilities are out of bounds. Toilet facilities can be used in emergencies only. However, the person using the toilet must disinfect the facility, their hands and equipment after use.

b. Eating and Drinking on the Archery Range should be avoided at all times. However, if Archers wish to bring drinking bottles and flasks, these should be sealable / non-spill design. Archers should avoid the sharing of bottles and flasks.

c. There will be hand sanitising gels on entry and on each assigned table.

d. Archers are required to clean their hands before and after they have touched any item that does not belong to them.

e. There will be an arrow jack available in case of errant arrows. Please ask the range captain and they will remove an arrow.

f. Dedicated tables will be assigned to each archer/family group for each session for any set up, storage and take down. Tables will be sanitised at the end of each day.

g. There will not be any waste collection point on-site so please take all your rubbish home with you.

5. Visitors and coaches.

a. Visitors and spectators are not allowed.

b. For junior members we would ask that only one parent/carer attend with them. Juniors may not be conscious always of the complexities of good sanitising and social distancing and parents/carers are asked to be especially vigilant.

c. It is not intended that coaching will be available during these sessions but if there is a particular need then please approach the committee.

6. Archers with disabilities.

a. If you need assistance to gain access to the clubhouse, or to shoot or to collect your arrows please contact the club chairman or secretary in advance to discuss the best method to achieve this.

7. Health, personal data and ‘track and trace’.

a. Do not attend a session if you feel unwell or exhibit any symptom of COVID-19.

b. If, after attending a session, you show signs of infection or have tested positive or been asked to self-isolate please let a committee member know immediately.

c. By booking a shooting slot you give consent to Bromyard Bowmen sharing your contact details, e.g. mobile phone number, landline number or email address with any government department or their agent who may reasonably require these details in order to undertake contact tracing in the event of any member present at the same time as you and who subsequently shows symptoms of, or is tested positive for, COVID-19. Additionally, if the club is contacted directly by a member who believes they are at risk of transmitting the virus we will contact the other members present and advise them of the situation. We will do this anonymously and not specify who has tested positive or is self-isolating.

8. Control of shooting.

The return to shooting requires that all members act in accordance with these procedures. As a sport we are all aware of the safety of our fellow archers but in these times we need to be even more vigilant. In the very unlikely event that there is any dispute about the application of these procedures the range captain will have the final say. In the event that this is not satisfactory please bring it to the attention of the committee who will review the matter and if appropriate enact any changes.

Finally, this is our first attempt at returning to indoor shooting and there may well be changes required so please be patient.